Audition Notice 

Directed by Peter Wolfe - Vocal Director -Jerri Meyers. Choreographer - Grace Harrison 

LIMITED VOCAL AUDITIONS - Wednesday, Oct 9th 6:30 - 9:00 (Check in 6:00) 

Young Anna, Middle Anna, Older Anna, Young Elsa, Middle Elsa, Older Elsa, and Olaf (Snowman) 

General Vocal Auditions and Snow Chorus Signup  - Saturday Oct. 12th   9:00 - Noon (Check in 8:30)

General Dance and Reading Audition - Sunday Oct. 13th 1:00 - 5:00

Call Back Audition - Oct. 14th 7:00pm 

1. Age Requirements - All Auditioners must be between the ages of 8 and 18 years old by the opening performance. 

2. Vocal Requirements - All auditioners must sing using musical accompaniment from an iPad, tablet, phone, or lap top computer. A capella vocal auditions are not allowed.  Accompanying music may NOT include vocal tracks.

3. Auditioners for Young Anna, Middle Anna, Older Anna, Young Elsa, Middle Elsa and Older Elsa must sing "Let it Go" from the show. 

4. All other auditioners may sing a song from th show or any musical theater type of song. 

5. Snow Chorus - Singing, acting, and vocal auditions for the Snow Chorus are NOT required. Snow Chorus Sign Ups will be held from 9:00 - Noon in the Imagination Theater Lobby on Saturday, October 12th. Snow Chorus will have limited rehearsal requirements. 

6. Photograph. All auditioners are encouraged to being a photograph to attach to their audition form upon sign in. Professional head shots are NOT required. 

7. Performance Dates. Final performance dates are not yet determined but will be primarily in April and May 2020

8. Rehearsal Schedule. Primary rehearsals will take place in January, February and March of 2020

9. Participation Fees. There is a $75.00 participation fee for all final case members. Scholarships may ne arranged for the participation fee. THERE IS NO FEE FOR AUDITIONING 

Available Roles: 

Ensemble - Townspeople of Arendelle, Hidden Folk, Castle Staff, Housekeeping, Butler, Handmaiden, Cook, Steward, Summer Chorus, Oaken Family, Guards. 

Young, Middle, and Older Elsa - Princess and later Queen Arendelle 

King Agnarr- King of Arendelle and protective Father of Anna and Elsa 

Queen Iduna - Queen of Arendelle and Mother of Anna and Elsa 

Pabbie and Bulda - Leaders of the Hidden Folk, Kristoff's adoptive parents 

Bishop- the Bishop of Arendelle 

Kristoff - and Ice Harvester 

Sven - Kristoff's loyal reindeer 

Hans - Charming Prince od the Southern Isles 

Weselton - a Duke from the neighboring kingdom 

Olaf - Goofy Snowman 

Oaken - Wandering Salesperson