A Christmas Carol (Original script, non-musical)
General Auditions at IT - Saturday, May 30, 2020, 9:30am-4:00pm (w/ 1-hr. Lunch Break at Noon)
Call-Back Auditions- Sunday, May 31, 1:00-4:00pm
Performances: Nov. 20-December 21, 2020

TITLE: A Christmas Carol, A Ghost Story of Christmas

AUTHOR: Charles Dickens, adapted by Andrew Vonderschmitt

DIRECTOR: Andrew Vonderschmitt

RUN:  November 20-December 21, 2020

This is a community theater production.  There is no pay.



Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 9 am – 2 pm

CALLBACKS (Invite Only):

Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 9 am – 2 pm

Location: Imagination Theater, 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville Ca.

A lunch break will be provided.


Regular Rehearsals: Monday through Thursday 6pm to 9pm. Some Saturdays at 12pm

Please provide all conflicts with proposed schedule.


Bring headshot and resume if possible. Sides from script will be provided. Please be prepared to cold-read individually and with pairs and groups. Dress for movement. Script will be available in Box Office after March 15, 2020.



One cold Christmas Eve, Ebenezer Scrooge is revealed to be unkind to his employee, the kindly and affable Bob Cratchit, who has a large family at home including the seminal Tiny Tim, uncharitable to those with social cause, and crotchety to his only living family member, his nephew who invites him to spend Christmas with him every year. Later in his cold and lonely home, he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley – and then by the Spirits of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. The Spirits’ journey through time teaches Scrooge the error of his ways. When he wakes up on Christmas Morning he is full of excitement and buys a turkey as big as the lad procuring it for him to be delivered to the Cratchit family before spending the day with his nephew, full of the joys of Christmas. He vows to change his ways and becomes, “as good as his word.”



EBENEZER SCROOGE (M to play 60-70) the miserly owner of a London counting-house, a nineteenth century term for an accountant's office. A stodgy bean-counter with a greedy, cold-hearted approach to life.

BOB CRATCHIT (M to play 40-50) Scrooge's clerk, a kind, mild, and very poor man with a large family. Though treated harshly by his boss, Cratchit remains a humble and dedicated employee.

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PAST (M or F to play childlike) the first spirit to visit Scrooge, a curiously childlike, Elvin apparition. Takes Scrooge on a tour of Christmases in his past.

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT (M to play timeless) the second spirit to visit Scrooge, a majestic giant clad in a green robe. His lifespan is restricted to Christmas Day. He escorts Scrooge on a tour of his contemporaries' Holiday celebrations.

‘TINY’ TIM CRATCHIT (M to play 8-10) Youngest Cratchit son.  Suffers from unknown ailment and crippled from birth. Walks with crutch.

JACOB MARLEY (M to play 50-60) A ghost. In the living world, Ebenezer Scrooge's equally greedy partner. Marley died seven years ago. Condemned to wander the world bound in heavy chains. Marley hopes to save his old partner from suffering a similar fate.



FRED (M to play 30-40) Scrooge's nephew, a genial man who loves Christmas. He invites Scrooge to his Christmas party each and every year, only to be refused by his grumpy uncle.

MRS. CRATCHIT (F to play 30-40) Bob's wife, a kind and loving woman. Outspoken yet reserved.

MARTHA CRATCHIT (F to play 15-17) Eldest Cratchit daughter. Responsible and pragmatic. Works in the milliner shop.

BELINDA CRATCHIT (F to play 14-16) Second Cratchit daughter. Fun loving and kind.

PETER CRATCHIT (M to play 12-16) Eldest Cratchit son. Eager to be the ‘man’ of the house.

YOUNGER CRATCHIT (M to play 8-10) Middle Cratchit son. Playful and kind.

YOUNGER CRATCHIT (F to play 8-10) Youngest Cratchit daughter.

JANET (F to play mid 30s) Fred’s new wife.

JEEVES (M or F to play 20-60) Charity solicitor.

HOWELL (M or F to play 20-60) Charity solicitor.

IGNORANCE (M to play 8-10) Spirit that reveals itself to Scrooge under Christmas Present’s robes.

WANT (F to play 8-10) Spirit that reveals itself to Scrooge under Christmas Present’s robes.

EBENEZER, SCHOOL AGE (M to play 10-12) Young and lonesome Scrooge. Left alone by his schoolmates and family.

EBENEZER, YOUNG ADULT (M to play 20-30) Young idealist. Has plans to live a happy and prosperous life with BELLE.

BELLE (F to play 20-30) the beautiful woman EBENEZER loved. Leaves him when his lust for material wealth becomes more important than their relationship.

HUSBAND (M to play 30-50) BELLE’S new love. Married to BELLE with several children.

FAN (F to play 12-16) Ebenezer’s younger sister. Kind and worried.  

MR FEZZIWIG (M to play 50s-60s) the jovial merchant with whom the young Scrooge apprenticed. Fezziwig was renowned for his wonderful Christmas parties.

MRS FEZZIWIG (F to play 50s-60s) Just as jovial, if not more so.

BROKERS #1 and #2 (Any age) Stock brokers who speak ill of Scrooge in the future when he has died.

OLD JOE (M to play 40-70) Junk dealer, funny and gruff.

MRS OLIVER (F to play 40-70) the charwoman who sells SCROOGE’S belongings.

MRS DILBER (F to play 40-70) the laundress who also sells his belongings. 

MR TACKLETON (M to play 40-70) the undertaker.

CAROLERS (F & M any age) to play townspeople and singers throughout.

ADDITIONAL TOWNSPEOPLE (F & M any age) to play more townspeople.

LOCAL CHILDREN (F & M 10-18) to play Ebenezer's boyhood friends; Fezziwig's daughters; Poor Man's children, etc.