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April 1 & 2, 2017


Mark your calendar  for April 1 & 2, 2017 for auditions for SouthFork Confessions, a play written and directed by Chrissie Addison.


SouthFork AUDITIONS April 1 & 2

(Please note the change of previously advertised audition dates.)


Set in the Gold Rush days in a church graveyard, this original twisting tale of redemption is bound to entertain.  An ensemble cast of 13 – 14 consisting of 7 or 8 men and 6 or 7 women will portray several historical and hysterical colorful characters.  Original music written by Betsy Moore highlights the musical.   All parts cast are leading roles of equal importance. There is no chorus.  Some actors will play two characters.  A live band of five musicians will be housed on stage in a church and will interact with the band, as will the stage crew.  Show has serious dramatic moments and lots of comedy tucked in.  Tour de force for actors!


Characters:  (All 18 – adult)

Mr. Pantier – Wealthy attorney, bares his soul & loves his dog

Mrs. Pantier – Former actress/singer, learns to love again

Whore – Take-no-prisoner survivor, industrious felon

Father – Priest/confessor, spiritual &magical qualities

Minerva – Youthful poetess, survivor with hope

Gambler – Man-of-the-world, ready for action

Black Bart – Stage coach robber, hidden talents & sins

Railroad Magnates – Wealthy male/female, important, impatient

Sheriff – No-nonsense leader, wants answers

Miner – Gold digger, rich man with turn of fate

Claim Jumper – Comic, naive opportunist

Jehu – Intrepid stage coach driver

Hangman – Intriguing, complicated loner

English Teacher – Trail blazer, with shocking secret

Doc Elliott – Town hero, specializes in amputations

Charly Parkhurst – Famed coach driver, cross-dresser

The Milliner – Clever, sensuous entrepreneur

Saloon Mistress – Dancer with money & checkered past



This Musical “Dramedy” is designed to engage all who dream of what life was like in the “good old days” of during the days of the Gold Rush! The inhabitants of Coloma and surrounding areas tell stories that uncover the true grit of the spirit of independence that formed the West. The actors, along with the stage crew & band, will sing, dance & act in ensemble/improv style off of a thrust stage.



In an attempt to be efficient, auditioners will be seen one at a time in a less-than-stressful atmosphere on stage at Imagination Theater on the El Dorado Fairgrounds at 100 Placerville Drive in Placerville, CA.  Please call the box office 530-642-0404 or director 530-626-4464 for further information.  Private auditions welcome for those with schedule conflicts.


April 1st AUDITIONS    9:30 am- Noon (Plan on 15 – 45 minutes)
Auditioners invited to come anytime during this open period.


SONG AUDITION:  Prepare a song one minute or less that highlights your vocal clarity, resonance and range. All songs will be acapella. No musical accompaniment will be used or provided.


MONOLOGUE AUDITION: Prepare a memorized monologue that is one minute or less. The monologue should best portray the actor’s strengths and can be from any source.  Monologues will be provided on site if necessary.


HEADSHOT AND RESUME: These are requested and advised, but not required.


April 2nd CALLBACKS 9:30- Noon (plan on 2 ½ hours or less total time at theater)

Scene readings from the script, improvs and simple movement exercises will be shared with all actors called back.  Wear clothing that allows easy movement and comfort.   Bring an open mind and your calendar for May – September to look ahead and note any blackout periods you may have during rehearsal period for vacations, etc.
Online copies of the script will be available after January 15, 2017 through the box office: 530- 642-0404 or  Or you can request one from director Chrissie Addison at


Please call/text Chrissie with any questions you may have:  530-333-7387


ADDITIONAL NOTES:   Show dates – September 15 – October 8, 2017

Three readthrus will follow casting where costume measurements will be taken. Band members will attend one of the readthrus to join the cast family. Character meetings will occur in May. Blocking and vocal rehearsals will start in June. Blocking/Vocals will continue in July with some scene runthrus.  The band will start working on stage with the actors in August.


From mid-August to opening mid-September SouthFork rehearsals will tech and tighten show. All staff members have agreed to use time as efficiently as possible during rehearsals.  Every attempt will be made to work around vacation/family schedules.



QUICK SYNNOPSISSet in the Gold Rush days in Coloma, California  a group of rugged spirits in a local graveyard spill their gritty secrets and hidden stories of their past. The archetype characters discover their life paths/stories are all connected.   As false facades are broken down, true character is revealed.  They seek redemption, but must work together to find the “key” to their freedom from regret, guilt and pain of past life.
At midnight, on a full harvest moon, a stage coach awaits those who pass the test. The coach will deliver them to higher ground where a better life awaits.

Good News for Shrek and Southfork Auditioners

The directors of Shrek and Southfork Confessions are encouraging persons wishing to audition for both Shrek and Southfork Confessions to do so if they wish to participate in both productions.   Auditioners cast in Southfork Confessions will be given full consideration for roles in Shrek.

The following rules will apply to individuals participating in both shows:

  1. Individuals cast in two shows must give priority to the production that opens first.
  1. If an actor accepts roles in two shows, the fact that they are in two shows is not to be used as justification for non participation in any rehearsals or justify any reduced commitment to either production.

In the few instances where the two rehearsal schedules overlap, the directors will resolve conflicts as they arise in a mutually-agreeable manner.



  • Recommended for ages 13+ due to language and mature themes.